Cancer Types

Oral Cancers

Also known as mouth cancer, oral cancer typically starts as a lump, bump or patch in the mouth (these are called “lesions”). Explore the specific types of cancer found in the oral cavity below.

  • Buccal Cancer

    Buccal cancers arise from the inside of the cheeks in the mouth. Learn more.

  • Lip Cancer

    Lip cancers arise from the skin of the lips. Learn more.

  • Oral Salivary Gland Cancer

    Oral salivary gland cancers arise from the sublingual gland under the tongue or the minor salivary glands throughout the mouth and throat. Learn more.

  • Mandibular Cancer

    Mandibular cancer arise from the gums and lower jaw. Learn more.

  • Hard Palate Cancer

    Hard palate cancers arise from the roof of the mouth. Learn more.

  • Tongue Cancer

    Tongue cancers arise from the tissue of the tongue. Learn more.